Fire Risk Assessement

It is essential that all properties - both domestic and commercial - undertake a fire risk assessment, whatever their size. Failure to do so puts people's lives at risk and will result in financial penalties.

Step 1 - Consultation and Evaluation

EFS’ trained specialists will visit your site and evaluate. They will then advise on fire precautions. Their objectives are to both help you to identify issues and help you put in place the solutions.

Step 2 - Fire Assessment

Once consultation has been undertaken EFS will produce a comprehensive fire Assessment which will be issued to the responsible person(s).

The inspection will record all findings and action to be taken. This includes identifying and assessing who is at risk and deficiencies in existing fire precautions. We will then recommend any improvements that are needed to ensure safety and compliance.

Step 3: Report

Once a complete assessment has been carried out EFS will provide you with the report and certificate required by law to confirm you have taken the necessary precautions to protect all building occupants and reduce the instances of fire occurring.



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