EFS’ CCTV security system technology and CCTV equipment protects your business by watching over people, property, vehicles and valuables. It provides instant alerts when trouble occurs to ensure that crime against your business is significantly reduced. And if a crime does occur, CCTV can provide valuable evidence, identifying the offender and improving the likelihood of a conviction.

Step 1: Consultation & Design

EFS will perform a thorough audit of your premises to detect any high-risk areas. They will work with you to place CCTV cameras in the optimum areas to ensure that you not only catch offenders but deter any potential criminals.

Step 2: Installation

Installation is the next stage of the process. We install only the highest quality equipment from manufacturers that have been tried, tested and installed by ourselves. These state of the art monitors will ensure that all parts of your building are as secure as possible with constant monitoring of secure areas allowing you to view all unauthorised activities, theft and criminal damage. The images are of a high quality and all recordings are stored in case any offences occur.

Step 3: Service & Maintenance

Your service doesn’t end with the installation of the CCTV system – we will continue to work with you to ensure your building remains secure. Service and maintenance is central to everything we do and, if desired, your CCTV system will be linked to our monitored control centre to provide immediate response from the police should criminal activity be recorded. We will also consistently check your system to check that it is working properly at all times so that the police can be provided with recordings and evidence should an incident occur.


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