Fire Alarms

It’s crucial to have a fire alarm safety in place. EFS’s fire alarm solutions are a highly effective - and cost effective - way to ensure you have a means of detecting & warning of fire.

Our commissioned systems are tailored, supplied and installed, providing your business with a comprehensive, high quality fire alarm solution.

Step 1: Consultation and design

We specialise in the supplying, installing, commissioning and servicing of analogue and conventional fire alarm systems. Our fully qualified experts will provide a full consultation and design service to create bespoke solutions specifically for your business and ensure you are fully protected.

Step 2: Installation

Once we have assessed what fire system would be most beneficial for your property, our trained specialists will install your state of the art fire detection system. This might include a fire alarm panel, smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm sounders, emergency lighting and fire alarm.

Step 3: Commissioning, Service and Maintenance

Once the fire alarm system is in place we will perform a comprehensive commissioning of the system, testing each component - from cables to detectors. This gives you evidence that quality installation has taken place.

Service and maintenance is crucial when it comes to fire alarm systems – continuous checking of all components means that your system will continue to function effectively and efficiently and means you have the peace of mind that if there is a fire your system works. That is why we provide a full maintenance service in accordance with the relevant British Standard on all fire alarm systems.

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