Fire Safety Training

It’s vital for businesses to carry out fire safety training. Here at EFS we provide fire safety courses to all industries so that your staff have the required fire safety knowledge that is demanded by law.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has made fire safety training a legal requirement for staff members. The courses we provide will be expertly delivered by a member of our specially trained team and all are tailored to suit your time - and meet your requirements.

We offer 3 bespoke courses:

Course 1 - Fire awareness training

Our Fire Awareness course will provide all members of your staff with greater fire safety awareness and, in doing so, create a safer working environment. We will assess their existing fire safety knowledge and provide training to increase their ability to take the right course of action in the event of a fire.

Our Fire Awareness training courses will cover all the areas that staff should be trained in for fire safety, including fire safety legislation; the causes of fire; effective evacuation procedures and fire prevention and protection methods.

Through the course your staff will gain a greater awareness of the dangers of fire and be prepared to deal with one should they occur.

Course 2 - Fire warden training

Our Fire Warden training course will provide your company’s designated Fire Warden with all the knowledge and skills they need to do the best job possible. The course gives Fire Wardens a greater understanding of the risks in the workplace and provides the knowledge to be able to implement company procedures.

The comprehensive course includes information on Fire Risk Assessments, ensuring a safer working environment. Your staff member will be given training about the dangers of fire and be taught the most effective techniques on how to deal with potential fire risks – as well as how to deal with the outbreak of fire. They will also learn how to use fire extinguishers correctly and safely. Your designated Fire Warden will then be able take responsibility for fire safety ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors.

Course 3 - Fire extinguisher training

EFS’ Fire extinguisher training courses cover all areas that your staff should know about Fire extinguisher use and how they can combat fire. Our expert training provides practical guidance on everything from assisting fire fighting professionals to quick and efficient fire prevention.

Our team will take you through a comprehensive course that includes the locations of extinguishers on your business premises, fire drill and evacuation policies; assessment of potential fire dangers on your property as well as practical demonstrations on fire safety methodology and procedures.


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