PAT Testing

Electric portable appliance testing is required by law in the UK. It is therefore essential for all houses and businesses which use portable appliances and an important part of any health & safety policy. There are a number of reasons why appliances should be PAT tested on a regular basis, not least because of the safety for residents and employees. This is why we believe in providing a top quality service which is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the law.

Step 1 – Consultation

All of our appliance engineers are fully trained and are certified with City and Guilds. This means that you can be assured that you will receive the very best service from initial consultation on what you need in place, right through to testing.

Step 2 – Testing

Our PAT Testing Service experts will inspect, test and certify all your portable appliances, as covered by the Institute of Electrical Engineers Code of Practice, and provide advice as to their condition and safety

Our PAT testing will mean that your business satisfies all Health and Safety regulations for Portable appliances and ensures the safety of all your portable appliances.

Once all testing is complete we will supply you with a written report, together with a test certificate, to demonstrate that all your portable appliances have had a combined inspection and electrical safety test.

Step 3 - Maintenance

PAT Testing is a continuous process. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989; Section 4(2) requires all Portable Appliances to be accurately assessed by regular inspection and testing, so that the appliance in question can be confirmed as safe to use Our team of highly skilled engineers will work with you to ensure that this is the case.



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